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Prioritizing Your Health and Safety

In response to COVID-19, Country Living at Westview Commons is dedicated to the highest standards of care with your health and safety at the forefront of our mission.

    Westview Commons is a brand new 115,000 square foot facility that was designed with large and open areas for residents to enjoy. Additionally, Westview Commons has implemented the standards recommended by the Centers for Disease Control as they relate to sanitation, disinfection and standards of practice.

    Furthermore, the facility has created an Infection Prevention and Disease Control program that includes extensive education for both residents and staff members to be informed about all infectious diseases including COVID-19. Key elements of the program include routine education, surveillance, and a certification program for staff members to complete routinely in order to maintain best practices in infection prevention and disease control.

    Lastly, the facility has also invested in the latest equipment and technology including CDC-approved electro-static misting, hand sanitizers, UV light disinfection and personal protective equipment available to all staff and residents.

    We encourage all residents to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for regularly updated information regarding important guidelines and best practices during this time.

    Please visit Westview Health Care Center's Staff Resource page for COVID-19 information and how we are educating and training our staff to be in strict adherence to CDC and state-recommended actions and preparation.

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